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Ring For Jeeves (Jeeves #10)

Hardcover, 208 pages
Published April 12th 2004 by Overlook Hardcover (first published 1953)

1585675245 (ISBN13: 9781585675241)
edition language
original title
Ring for Jeeves

Spring brings four more antic novels by P. G. Wodehouse. In "Quick Service" a complicated chain of events is set into motion after Mrs. Chavender takes a bite of breakfast ham, and readers are reminded that disaster can be averted if you "Ring for Jeeves." Bertie Wooster avoids Madeleine Bassett in "Much Obliged, Jeeves," at Blandings Castle, in "Uncle Fred in the pringtime," Uncle Fred is asked to foil a plot to steal a prize pig.

My Review-
Ring For Jeeves is what happens when Bertie Wooster is taken away from the plot. Jeeves is sent away temporarily to serve as the butler for Lord Bill Towesceter. Jeeves deviates from his usual self and indulges in gambling, robbing and what not.

This is the most negative review I’ve ever written for a Wodehouse book. The problem I guess lies with the plot and the narration. It is simply because of the fact that Wooster isn’t there. Wooster is the one who is the narrator. Wooster is the person who messes things up and cracks you up. So when Wooster is gone, you realise how and what does he do to the plot. He is clumsy and creates the chaos, the mess. He makes the plot convoluted and the book readable.

Lord Bill Towesceter is a lot like Bertie but not funny enough as Wooster. My expectations suffer a mild dip with this book. Ring For Jeeves is a disappointment and should not be a recommendation either for someone who loves Wodehouse or for someone who is about to pick up his first Wodehouse book.

A good Wodehouse book, maybe; but a very poor B&J book.


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