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Jeeves In The Offing (Jeeves #12)

Paperback, 208 pages
Published November 1st 2000 by Touchstone (first published 1960)

0743203593 (ISBN13: 9780743203593)
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original title
Jeeves in the Offing (Jeeves, #12)

A Bertie and Jeeves classic, featuring a cow-creamer, the redheaded Miss Wickham, and the formidable schoolmaster Aubrey Upjohn. Jeeves is infallible. Jeeves is indispensable. Unfortunately, in How Right You Are, Jeeves, he is also in absentia. In this wonderful slice of Woosterian mayhem, Bertie has sent that prince among gentlemen's gentlemen off on his annual vacation. Soon, drowning dachshunds, broken engagements, and inextricable complications lead to the only possible conclusion: "We must put our trust in a higher power. Go and fetch Jeeves!"

My Review-
"It was the first time I had met the Vinton Street chap [a policeman], always hitherto having patronized his trade rival at Bosher Street, but Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps, who was introduced to him on the morning of January the first one year, had told me he was a man to avoid, and the truth of this was now borne in upon me in no uncertain manner. It seemed to me, as I stood listening to the cop running through the story sequence, that Barmy, in describing this Solon as a twenty-minute egg with many of the less lovable qualities of some high-up official of the Spanish Inquisition, had understated rather than exaggerated the facts."

This particular quote from this volume makes me fall in love with the writer. Wodehouse’s humor is impeccable.
This particular novel was about Bertie's efforts to avoid matrimony, help his aunt conceal her pawning of a pearl necklace, and avoid bodily injury and insult. The storyline does justice to the interesting title. There are a few small little stories going around and when they finally converge it is sheer madness. And it has always been the madness that has drawn me towards B&J.

By the way I picked up a few insults from this one – how does “inhuman gargoyle” grab you? Or “You ghastly sheepfaced fugitive from hell”? Or even “You revoting young piece of cheese”? I should say, that although I love these books, I expect a lot of people won’t – my friend Tash can’t stand them. Seems like I was born in the wrong period. Things would have been way better had I been born during those times.
Sheesh! My favorite B&J book so far!


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