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A person has just too many facets. Other than the facet that you have all come across till date on this blog is a person who truly loves to read and experiment with various writing styles. I am a bibliophile who has been reading since the last five years. Books have become a part of me since then. And since this place, this small little paradise I own in the blogosphere is about everything about me, so I had to include book reviews too.
The genres that interest me are more of contemporary and erotica books. Now that doesn’t mean I can’t read other genres!
Biographies and self-help books are what I generally love to keep a distance from. Other than that, I’m open to reading almost anything, and everything I can lay my hands on.I can only review paperbacks and not e-books because then I should go blind sooner and that
cuts down on the number of books I’d have read by the time I’m dead. Little secret. I’m really poor and haven’t been able to afford an e-reader as of now. So yeah, only paperbacks! Other important things you’d like to know are-
#Presently, I post the reviews only on blogger, goodreads, Barnes and Noble and The Book Depository. I should begin posting the reviews on Amazon very soon.
# The review would get posted within 8 weeks of receiving the book.
# The comments would be so not biased. I say what I actually feel like.
So, yes. That’s pretty much it. For contact information check out the next tab!


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