Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Book Review- Michal's Window

Paperback, 458 pages
Published April 12th 2012 by CreateSpace (first published February 23rd 2012)
1475081480 (ISBN13: 9781475081480)
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In ancient Israel, where women are property, Princess Michal loves her father's worst enemy, the future King David. She sacrifices everything to save his life, but will her heart survive war and separation?

Michal's story comes to life in this powerful and emotional journey through love and heartache to self-realization. Her intense love for King David coupled with tragic circumstances causes her to do the unthinkable. Too strong for her time, Michal's story resonates with women today.

"So, once I let the modern feminist inside of me relax, I realized how timely her story is, because, sadly, many of the things she has to deal with are things that women still face today."

"As a woman, every emotion I've ever had was weaved in Michal, causing me to cheer for this unsung heroine."
Love is abundant on earth, spilling over time and again, at times with hope, at times with pain, at times with hate. The story of Michal and David begins on a note of sheer innocence and turns violent over the years.
David, a poor man who praises The Lord, over melodies played over his harp, falls for Michal, the daughter of Saul, the moment he lays his eyes on her. Michal’s young heart too misses a beat. Marriage happened, but happiness didn’t last long. The King of Saul blinded by his power turns thirsty of David’s blood, forcing him to flee and distressing his own loving daughter.
Historical romance never seemed this familiar, this real to me. I never believed that being a princess was that difficult, but Rachelle Ayala makes me see the other side of it. Michal was real to me all the time. Michal is beautiful, graceful and patient.
There hasn’t been a single night I didn’t go to bed without thinking of Michal, and her plights. When she craved for David, I hoped he’d come back to her. When she saw how power and time changed David, I felt sad for her. It was only Michal who was on my mind.
The story doesn’t say too much. It makes you sink into the world of the characters and makes you think over and over again, replaying each event in your head. I sympathized and empathized with Michal. And at the end of the day when I realized that it was just a book, I couldn’t help but appreciate Rachelle Ayala’s brilliance at weaving the opposites together so well that they melt into each other’s arms glowing with radiance.
5 on 5 star book is what it is to me.


  1. I could not agree with you more. Ayala is an amazing author and how she mapped out Michal's character was absolutely amazing. Such captivating writing that absorbs you right into the novel. It's a definite favorite of mine ;)

  2. Great! Thank you for sharing! Would read this. :)