The Author's World.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, this person you see up there fell in love, in love with literature. She loved to read and it began to take her to places. Places that she never knew existed. With her eyes filled with wonder, she began to grasp it all that came her way. It was too late when she realized that this was love, to never let go no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.

She, who once read began to pen down her experiences as well. She who once wrote in her small little notebook that she carried everywhere has not really given up on it. But now she believes in sharing it with people. Like-minded ones, who travel in their dreams too. She, who loved to read, has now started on having views of her own. They call it reviewing and she calls it having her own say. She lives in a world where both the good and the evil exist and she looks out for the marvels of beauty and captures them either in paintings or in still photographs. She is someone who believes in the authenticity of Grandma’s tales. She is someone who has etched the memories in her heart for memories are never meant to be forgotten. They are to be cherished when the going gets tough and motivate yourself. Proses, Verses and Conversations is where she puts it all up, her small little paradise which holds witness to the fact that she lived life queen size!


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