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Book Review- Phantom, Jo Nesbo

Paperback, 464 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by Vintage Canada (first published 2011)
030736108X (ISBN13: 9780307361080)
edition language
original title
The murder has been solved. But has justice been done? Harry Hole is back in Oslo. He's been away for some time, but his ghosts have a way of catching up with him. The case that brings him back is already closed. There is no room for doubt: The young junkie was shot dead by a fellow addict. The police don't want him back....

Denied permission to reopen the investigation, Harry strikes out on his own. Beneath the city's eerie tranquillity, he discovers a trail of violence and mysterious disappearances seemingly unnoticed by the police. At every turn Harry is faced with a conspiracy of silence. The criminals don't want him back....

Harry is not the only one who is interested in the case. From the moment he steps off the plane, someone is watching his every move and tracing his every call. Someone wants him silenced.
My Review-
Having read all the books Sheldon has written, you feel no other book, no other author can do justice to mystery, thriller or crime the way he did. Having picked up The Phantom and now after reading the book, I know how wrong I was. This man is a genius. This book is the ninth in what essentially is the Harry Hole series. Now I had no idea that such a man existed who is such a terrific writer.
In this book, Harry Hole returns to Norway after a three year long vacation to Hong Kong. His ex-girlfriend’s son, Oleg has been charged with the murder of his friend, Gutso Hanssen who is also a drug dealer. Years of drugs and alcohol addiction have left him consumed and his memory has faded too. He has forgotten his good times with Oleg but still agrees to help him. He is determined to get to the root of the problem and find the real murderer.
My head reels with my last night’s encounter with the book. There are too many characters and having read the ninth book at first, it becomes a little confusing for me. Even though it wasn’t the best place to begin with, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The mystery and the thrill sustains throughout the book and ends with a nail-biting finish. The narration is smooth and makes the book difficult to put down. The credit has to go to Don Barlett. He has done a commendable job bringing this Norwegian delight to bring to so many of us who wouldn’t have gotten the chance to have access to something that is such a wonderful read. The original title of the book is said to be Gjenferd which is so not related to Phantom which makes me wonder what triggered the English translation to be named Phantom.
 The rugged unfinished edges to Harry Hole’s character has already made me fall in love with him. I think I must go back and finish reading all the other books in the series and read this book again. 
About The Author-
born- March 29, 1960 in Oslo, Norway    
gender- male
Jo Nesbø is a bestselling Norwegian author and musician. He was born in Oslo and grew up in Molde. Nesbø graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics with a degree in economics. Nesbø is primarily famous for his crime novels about Detective   Harry Hole, but he is also the main vocals and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre. In 2007 Nesbø also released his first children's book, Doktor Proktors Prompepulver.

* Harry Hole
* Doktor Proktor


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