Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Book Review- The Disengagement Ring

Paperback, 355 pages
Published by Hachette Books Ireland (first published 2009)           
               ISBN 0340977345                      
           ISBN13: 9780340977347             
edition language- English
original title- The Disengagement Ring
'We're her family. It's our duty to interfere.'

Kate O'Neill is ready to settle down, so when her commitment-phobic boyfriend Brian asks her to marry him, she accepts. Though she knows her close-knit family aren't fond of Brian, she feels sure they'll come round once they get to know him better.

But Kate's eccentric mother, Grace, is determined to prevent Kate from making the biggest mistake of her life. She hatches a plot to scupper the engagement, urging the whole family to do everything in their power to encourage a break-up. She even ropes in Will Sargent, manager of ultra cool rock band Walking Wounded, and unrequited love of Kate's life, in the hope that she can lure Kate away from Brian.

Reluctantly Will offers Kate a job as chef for Walking Wounded, and whisks her off to Tuscany for the summer, where they are working on their new album.

As temperatures in the kitchen begin to heat up, will Kate's feelings for Will be rekindled – or will she decide Brian really is the man for her.
Being in love is not enough. It is the realization that you care for someone so deeply, that is the whole charm of all of it. Kate O'Neil was a chubby teenager crushing on Will Sargent, her brother's friend. Will, on the other hand has been a handsome man and now a charming man with all the chicks drooling over him. Kate met Will on a chilly evening when he had run away from the boarding school his father had put him in after his mother died. Kate has a misconception that she is not good enough for Will and pretends to have moved on, proving her point by dating other men. Will too has had feelings for Kate but has been careful for not shitting in his own garden. He does not have a place to spend Christmas if the O' Neil's find out that he was messing around with the daughter of the family. Both of them are now dating different people. Will is dating Tina and Kate is dating Brian, whom the O' Neils fondly call the tree-hugger. The story kick starts when Kate decides to get married to Brian and lets Grace O' Neil know of their engagement without a ring. This gives Grace O' Neil, Kate's mother a feeling that Kate is doing something terrible with her life and needs to be stopped right there. Kate's sister, Rachel has a plan and heads out on implementing it. She manages to convince Will to woo Kate and make her reconsider the decision she made. It is then that Will makes a job offer to Tuscany and Kate grabs it with both hands, reluctantly. Things then take off in Tuscany where certain events make them realize of the love they share.
The cover of the book is pretty. Kate is pretty, conscious about herself, and yet so outgoing at times. Will is my kind of guy. Gentle, reserved and charming in every way whatsoever. Grace, Kate's mother appeals the reader with her gestures at making friends with Philip Sargent, Will's father, talking about their conversations to Will, gifting him the CD with Philip's interview. The way the story unfolds, different situations at which Kate, and Will realize their love, those last few chapters where things all of a sudden go wrong are the major highlights. With no cons and few great pros, this book hits the top spot into my list of good chick-lit stuff.
4 Stars outta 5.


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