Monday, 26 November 2012

Book Review- Stalking The Enemy

Second, 231 pages
Published July 12th 2012 by Silver Fox
edition language
Teen female ninja action hero, Hattori Hachi (aka Hattie Jackson from Camden, London) takes on the evil ninja Kataki, fighting Raven and his army of followers in an abandoned castle in Kielder, Northumberland. Raven hang-glides through the air, swooping down to steal pray to eat - that some say can even be human. Why is Raven trying to blow up Kielder reservoir, threatening the lives of thousands of people? Can Hattori Hachi stop him with her amazing fighting skills, quick wit and smart thinking..?

‘Enjoy Hattie’s second adventure’ the author said, and I really did. After defeating the Praying Mantis, Hattie is up to crack her GCSE’s when her mum’s and Yazuki’s chunin ask them to be off to be Kielder, on a mission. Since her GCSE’s are not very far, they decide not to include her. Being the sharp ninja warrior she is, she senses something wrong. A postcard with a small little puzzle awaits her in the dojo asking her to rush to Kielder too. She somehow convinces her father off to a weekend trip to the same.

On her way to the reservoir, Raven, greets her with his giant flapping wings. Hattie embarks on an action filled journey to stop whatever Raven is up to. As it turns out, he is in search of the diamond dagger to slice up her throat and inherit all her power and wealth which is supposed to be her when she becomes The Golden Child.
Stalking the Enemy was high on action parameters, energy and fatherly affection. The unpredictability and the curiousness level seemed to be a little low. Revenge Of The Praying Mantis had a very innovative approach and my expectations simply shot up. Whatever it may be, Hattori Hachi series is still very much interesting. I’m completely looking forward to what happens when she visits Japan as the Golden Child.


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