Monday, 26 November 2012

Book Review- Hattie Wilkinson Meets Her Match

Paperback, 362 pages
Published November 2nd 2012 by Harlequin (UK) Limited
edition language

In the eyes of the ton Hattie Wilkinson is a respectable widow, content with her safe, if somewhat modest life.

On the other hand Sir Christopher Foxton prides himself on being regarded as one of London’s most notorious rakes, with a particularly mischievous streak!

Upon their first meeting Kit threatens to shatter Hattie’s well-ordered peace—and her reputation!—if only she’ll allow herself to succumb to his playful advances. This time they’ve both finally met their match…
Sooner, or later, love has to make its way and into our hearts and into our lives. For Harriet Wilkinson, love came at twenty seven and as a widow. Her married life never lived up to her expectations. Charles Wilkinson had charmed her and her live in an illusion. The battle of Waterloo cut his life short and opened a world of trouble for her. Since Hattie Wilkinson has been on the shelf.
Sir Christopher Foxton too has his own pride. After his mother left him and a woman made fun of his deprived childhood, he refused to grow fond of any woman. His reputation is scandalous.
Destiny makes them fall into each other until they realize they are meant for each other. Love has to strike them really hard to make them believe that the emotion truly exists. And the pain for them is utterly sweet.
The concept may be simple and known but what sets this one apart from others is the way it is written. Crisp adjectives and a clear pinpointed idea focused very well. Love is beautifully broken down into a spectrum of pride, confusion, and what not. All of it seems to strengthen the magnitude of love bringing them together. One of those very few books that give you a hope that love doesn’t just exist, but changes people and changes lives.


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